Laura (chi_chi_ramone) wrote in cake_time,

cakecakecake oh yes! Typical intro...

Hey ho,

Just joined, thought I'd bitch at you for not including golden syrup cake/sponge. Tsk.
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wedding cake is missing too, pfft, and carrot cake! how could u forget that, its the best one.
mmmm, carrot cake...

I make the BEST one that also is completely heart-attack inducing 'cause I Mascapone cheese to cover it instead of icing. mmmmm.

Deleted comment

It doesn't tast like cheese though! It tastes more like cream and I usually add honey and/or orange zest too.

it sounds yummy to me. Open your mind david, theres nothing wrong with using cheese
Don't talk to me about golden syrup cake. Really, please don't. When i was young a man from Mr Kippling threw bits of soft cake at me for hours, and when the words are mentioned i come over in a horrible rash.