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s(u)pang(u) keki!!!!

hallo all, i am your 8th member--- my name is meggi and i have been a sponge cake and pancake (are pancakes allowed??) lover ever since i can remember!! my favorite is plain sponge cake!!!!! ahhhh so yummy!!!!!! you simply cannot beat it!!!! NO NO NO =) oki maybe i am a little crazy, but i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee cake! and i thank you all for loving it as much as myself =)=)

grill me some pancakes lovelies.. bake me a little sponge cake and i will love you forever :) :)

-meggi <3
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hey hey!

Can't offer you a spongecake, but I did make a baked strawberry cheesecake yeseterday though.

Sssshh, don't tell anyone else that though, I don't think we're allowe to have cheesecake related posts here...
Oh, I see we are allowed cheesecake after all.
hey i love cheesecake too!!!!

but i probably shouldnt eat yours, because then i'd fall madly in love with you =)

Ooh i know what you mean. All that cake just waiting for a bite. The temptation eh?
o yes!

exactly ;)

man o man, i love my cake!