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X-posted, but it is soooooooo worthy of cake_time!

i read this from **gac**---> today.. he has sexy hair +went to high school with me yay!:

"At the library today I had the 'Who's the Boss?' theme song stuck in my head for hours as I worked. That's what comes of watching a rerun of the show. Only bad things come from watching 'Who's The Boss?', let me tell you.

On this particular episode, Angela gets drunk on her birthday. Then, plausibly, Tony gets drunk to demonstrate to a group of teenagers at the YMCA what drunk people act like. (They play hackey sack with a crushed paper cup.) When Tony returns home, one thing leads to another, and he and Angela end up making out whilst they bake a cake. But Angela feels woozy, so Tony takes her up to her bed, where she unsuccessfully tries to seduce him and then passes out. Of course, the next morning, Angela's ever-vivacious mother Mona drops by and immediately concludes, via the various discarded articles of clothing and dried up cake batter, that Tony and Angela HAD LOTS OF SEX. Still hungover, Angela can only dimly remember the previous night's events, and of course comes to the conclusion that she and Tony did, indeed, have LOTS AND LOTS OF SEX.

That's when I stopped watching. It was only on for another five minutes, but I could stand it no longer. Here's what I assume happened: Paranoid about becoming pregnant, Angela develops a psychosomatic disorder in which she is so convinced that Tony HAD SEX WITH and impregnated her that she actually becomes pregnant. The baby, though conceived solely from Angela's cells, somehow inherits Tony Danza's acting skills. That child's name is Keanu Reeves. Meanwhile, Mona eats the cake. FIN."

i dont know how many in this community are familiar with "who's the boss?" but it was a US sitcom in the late 80s, and is the current subject of much ridicule.. :)

--anyway.. the point is..........
CAKE is a dangerous tool of sexual implications!!!!!!!!!!!

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