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Did you see the stylish cake in the riot? No.

As former managing director of Whimsy Cakes Ltd., when the business took an unfortunate nosedive into near-bankruptcy I took it upon myself to steer the good ship Cake out of the choppy waters and into calmer seas. "Its back to basics," I screamed, thwacking my employees with a plastic oar (flagrantly taking the nautical metaphor too far), "Its time to kick out the jam and get down to good, solid, sustainable foodstuffs; no buttercream or fancy sprinkled icing sugar - just cake!" Sadly, the extremely dry, cloying product of their endeavours choked the elderly and scared weak children, unused to such muscular Madeira. The recievers were called in within weeks, I set fire to the factory and to myself, though admittedly they were two unrelated incidents.
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