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Time for cake

A community celebrating the ceremony of cake.

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This a community dedicated to the luscious pleasures of cake; after all, who would have thought that a humble concoction of eggs, flour, milk and whatever else you fancy could be so popular and edifying? Feel free to post your thoughts, prayers and meditations on cake, plus your own secret recipes that you may have concocted at home. Who knows, we might all have a go at making them, might we! Yes. Please suggest other cakes we may have forgotten in the interests section, and local specialities to marvel at. Don't hesitate to post pictures; no lewd photographs please, it's not one of those "ooh, show me your parts and we'll comment 'hot'" communities. So only cake photographs. Neither is this cake porn. We want to steer clear of the whole area of actually being in love with, or being sexually attracted to, cake.


• noun 1 an item of soft sweet food made from baking a mixture of flour, fat, eggs, and sugar. 2 a flat, round item of savoury food that is baked or fried. 3 the amount of money available for sharing: a fair slice of the education cake.

• verb (of a thick or sticky substance) cover and become encrusted on.

— PHRASES "a piece of cake"; informal; something easily achieved. "sell like hot cakes"; informal; be sold quickly and in large quantities. "take the cake"; see "take the biscuit". "you can’t have your cake and eat it (too)"; proverb; you can’t enjoy both of two desirable but mutually exclusive alternatives.

— ORIGIN Scandinavian.

Just a few rules to peruse (I often think a rhyme creates a 'familiar' feeling; my uncle taught me that. Well, he wasn't strictly my uncle, but then money counts for everything these days.)-
No biscuits, pastry products, pies or strudels (you know, that fancy German thing). Just cake. Strictly cake. I can't stress that enough. If we take it beyond that boundary, all culinary hell will break loose; it'll be like a cat in a garden centre. Tarts are allowed, though, as are chocolate eclairs (they're more of a cream cake, but with in a choux pastry context).

Cake Quotes
"I can feel my brain falling away, like bits of wet cake" - Bernard Black, Black Books
"This jumper's got fecking cake bits all over it!" - Eoin McLove, Father Ted

Thats it.