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Time for cake [entries|friends|calendar]

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[19 Feb 2006|07:51pm]

[ mood | curious ]

has any one tried to make a yummy moist cake in a flower pot? I am attempting to make a fun cake for my wedding and have not tried this i am new to cooking and was curious if any one has had any success doing this if so whats a tastey recipie for it?


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Newbie! [10 Jan 2006|05:02pm]
Hello! Lovely little community here. Surprised its the only one. Cake should be celebrated more often...
I was wondering if anyone had any recipies for pumpkin cake? You know, cake with pumpkin in it? Cake with a distinctly pumpkin flavor?
Thank you. You see, I have a wedding reception comming up and I promised to bake cakes for it. I am running out of cake ideas. I need more cake recipes. And I thought, hey, how about pumpkin cake?
Ahem. Leaving you all alone now.
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[25 Aug 2005|01:44pm]

mmmmm cake! this made me giggle...

title or description

"press the button, click the comic for the link!"

"add to friends list for daily updates mon-fri"...

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Topics hat [22 Oct 2004|03:08pm]

[ mood | rustic ]

Here's some "ideas" to "get" a "discussion" going -

How often do you eat cake?

Has cake ever got in the way of your day to day activities? For example, have you ever desired to leave somewhere to indulge in cake pleasure?

If cake were music, how would it sound?

Have you a favourite book/film/artwork about cake?

Where was the strangest place you found cake? (For example, a country where cake is banned. That hasn't happened, though.)

Away-way-way we go.

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Did you see the stylish cake in the riot? No. [25 Aug 2004|12:36am]

[ mood | breezy ]

As former managing director of Whimsy Cakes Ltd., when the business took an unfortunate nosedive into near-bankruptcy I took it upon myself to steer the good ship Cake out of the choppy waters and into calmer seas. "Its back to basics," I screamed, thwacking my employees with a plastic oar (flagrantly taking the nautical metaphor too far), "Its time to kick out the jam and get down to good, solid, sustainable foodstuffs; no buttercream or fancy sprinkled icing sugar - just cake!" Sadly, the extremely dry, cloying product of their endeavours choked the elderly and scared weak children, unused to such muscular Madeira. The recievers were called in within weeks, I set fire to the factory and to myself, though admittedly they were two unrelated incidents.

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Holiday in my pants [22 Jun 2004|11:18am]

[ mood | In control of the situation ]

To entice my taste buds, i ventured to France with only my suitcase full of my stuff and a cake mixing kit (3 pounds from Ireland) in my possession. At cafe le france, i sat at the table and mixed cake. I have to say, i was disappointed. I thought eating Cake in France would add a certain vis a viz to it, that added bit of intelligence to spice up my cake life, but it didn't. I was just eating cake in another country.

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[16 Jun 2004|10:33pm]

[ mood | amused ]

mmm... cake... *drools homeresquely*

howdy. this is the only community with "fruit cake" as an interest. how could i not join? any other fruitcake lovers in here? my favorite comes from the gethsemani farms monastery. i try to order one every year. they also have some heavenly bourbon spiked fudge hehe.

also a big fan of cake in general. especially if it involves berries of any sort. and pretty much anything other than chocolate. never been much of a chocolate lover unless it involves peanut butter. then i'm in heaven. or coconut. german chocolate cake, although it involves chocolate, is one of my favorite kinds of cake.

pancakes, hoecakes, corncakes, johnnycakes... yes, please. call em what you will ;)

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X-posted, but it is soooooooo worthy of cake_time! [16 Jun 2004|11:45am]

[ mood | cakey! ]

i read this from **gac**---> www.livejournal.com/users/gac/ today.. he has sexy hair +went to high school with me yay!:

"At the library today I had the 'Who's the Boss?' theme song stuck in my head for hours as I worked. That's what comes of watching a rerun of the show. Only bad things come from watching 'Who's The Boss?', let me tell you.

On this particular episode, Angela gets drunk on her birthday. Then, plausibly, Tony gets drunk to demonstrate to a group of teenagers at the YMCA what drunk people act like. (They play hackey sack with a crushed paper cup.) When Tony returns home, one thing leads to another, and he and Angela end up making out whilst they bake a cake. But Angela feels woozy, so Tony takes her up to her bed, where she unsuccessfully tries to seduce him and then passes out. Of course, the next morning, Angela's ever-vivacious mother Mona drops by and immediately concludes, via the various discarded articles of clothing and dried up cake batter, that Tony and Angela HAD LOTS OF SEX. Still hungover, Angela can only dimly remember the previous night's events, and of course comes to the conclusion that she and Tony did, indeed, have LOTS AND LOTS OF SEX.

That's when I stopped watching. It was only on for another five minutes, but I could stand it no longer. Here's what I assume happened: Paranoid about becoming pregnant, Angela develops a psychosomatic disorder in which she is so convinced that Tony HAD SEX WITH and impregnated her that she actually becomes pregnant. The baby, though conceived solely from Angela's cells, somehow inherits Tony Danza's acting skills. That child's name is Keanu Reeves. Meanwhile, Mona eats the cake. FIN."

i dont know how many in this community are familiar with "who's the boss?" but it was a US sitcom in the late 80s, and is the current subject of much ridicule.. :)

--anyway.. the point is..........
CAKE is a dangerous tool of sexual implications!!!!!!!!!!!


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[16 Jun 2004|11:52am]

[ mood | slow down ]

This burgeoning community is really heating up; time to throw one of my own remarks into the veritable mixing bowl of cake discussion. I ate some angel cake yesterday, it was an epiphany. I mean, I've eaten it before, but, you know. Enjoy.

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cake moment [13 Jun 2004|12:02pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

first time i ate sponge cake was with my next door neighbors who were from japan. i was about 8 or 9 at the time, and instantly i fell in love. love i say, LOVE. i have tried to make the cake exactly as mariko, the mother, used to make it, but i have failed on every attempt.

i miss mariko. she made me a spongecake for my birthday. she called me her blonde daughter- blonde like the yellow cake she had prepared. why did she have to move back to kyoto with her family when i was 11?

:( *goes and cries and then eats some angel food cake because no one sells spongecake in regular US supermarkets in massachusetts*

damn US supermarkets.


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Cake quiz [04 Jun 2004|03:26pm]

Cake x Cake = Cake
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s(u)pang(u) keki!!!! [23 May 2004|01:16am]

[ mood | hungry ]

hallo all, i am your 8th member--- my name is meggi and i have been a sponge cake and pancake (are pancakes allowed??) lover ever since i can remember!! my favorite is plain sponge cake!!!!! ahhhh so yummy!!!!!! you simply cannot beat it!!!! NO NO NO =) oki maybe i am a little crazy, but i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee cake! and i thank you all for loving it as much as myself =)=)

grill me some pancakes lovelies.. bake me a little sponge cake and i will love you forever :) :)

-meggi <3

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cakecakecake oh yes! Typical intro... [06 May 2004|10:40pm]

Hey ho,

Just joined, thought I'd bitch at you for not including golden syrup cake/sponge. Tsk.
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Big flap of cake [05 May 2004|04:36pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]


Cake...made by fucking sick bastards
By Bernard Manning

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Glorious cake [04 May 2004|04:40pm]

[ mood | eaty ]

I remember the days when cake was still a bit of a hot potato. Gone are the days now that i am embarrassed by my cakey habbits, now i can freely shout from the roof tops "I LIKE CAKE" and not have people throw bits of hammers at me.

Viva la cake

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[04 May 2004|03:55pm]

[ mood | caked away ]

My first cake encounter I think must have been in... ooh.. 1989. And I've never looked back. Except just now, to recall that incident.
Tip: Eat cake while drinking tea, it prevents tackiness.

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